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Clinic Services

An innovative treatment model based on research, experience, and how you heal best.

Chiro Adjustments

Safe and highly effective joint adjustments for restoring range of motion and reducing pain and dysfunction. Spine or Extremity!

Soft Tissue Therapy

Targeted soft tissue manipulation applied by tool or hand to improve tissue mobility, augment the healing/recovery process, and reduce pain!

Rehab Exercise

Customized movement therapy designed by and performed with the doc, building targeted mobility, strength, and balance back into your life.

Tools of the Trade

Utilizing all the tools in our toolbelt to better create a holistic experience for you and your body.

Kinesiology Tape

Simple elastic-adhesive cloth which can, when applied appropriately, reduce swelling, reduce pain, and enhance movement as you heal.

IASTM | Graston

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. A revolutionary treatment tool that works on many levels to speed your healing process.


An age-old technique utilizing glass, plastic, or silicone cups on or around an injury to locally decompress overworked and swollen tissues.

Manual Therapy

Using cutting-edge myofascial release techniques applied by hand to reduce knots, treat trigger points, or break up adhesion and scar tissue.

Body Hacks

Advanced neuro-muscular techniques can be applied, effectively tricking your body into creating quick and lasting length-tension relationships.


A little applied physics helps us teach you the best ways to keep living the life you want, while reducing common repetitive stress and overuse injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Chiropractic?

Chiropractic literally means “Done by hand”. It’s a form of conservative holistic care, meaning we treat the whole body without the use of drugs or surgery. Modern chiropractic is safe and effective!

Why no Insurance?

At HumanFirst, we seek to deliver quality care to everyone and Insurance contracts disable us from offering discounted services to those in need. Also, our prices are comparable to expected Co-Pay rates!

What do I need?

Simply schedule an appointment, fill out the intake forms, and show up at or before your scheduled appointment! It helps to wear appropriate clothing to better access the regions we will be treating.